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First-Rate Refrigerant Leak Service

If you have a refrigerant leak, you shouldn’t put off refrigerant leak repair. An AC Freon leak can cost you your comfort and sometimes your health. So you need professional technicians to quickly and effectively handle the problem.

Refrigerant is the gas that draws heat out of the air that circulates through your home. Without it, you’ll get lukewarm air at best. At Diamond Y Heating And Cooling, we’ll promptly come to your home prepared to safely handle the leak, repair the damage, and top off your system with more Freon.

When your AC unit doesn’t work correctly, make Diamond Y Heating and Cooling your first call at 580-308-2002.

How We Handle a Freon Leak

Freon, a preferred brand of refrigerant, plays an integral role in your AC unit’s functions. When you have a Freon leak, you’ll experience stuffy, uncomfortable air throughout your home. Most AC Freon leaks occur because of certain components sustaining damage.

For example, the evaporator coils are often the main culprits for leakage. Refrigerant leaks may also occur in the capillary tubes or flare fittings. Each of these parts can sustain damage due to typical wear and tear from regular usage.

When our technicians perform refrigerant leak repair, they’ll first locate the source of the leak. If the damage is minimal, they’ll repair and seal off the punctures or cracks causing the leak. They’ll then add more Freon to your air conditioner.

However, some situations call for a full repair or replacement. In this case, we’ll discuss your options with you. After obtaining the necessary parts and tools, our technicians will get your AC back up and running once again. 

AC Freon Leak - Diamond Y Heating and Cooling
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Here at Diamond Y we are here for all your HVAC needs year round. We provide top-notch customer service.

AC Freon Leak - Diamond Y Heating and Cooling

Do I Have an AC Freon Leak?

When dealing with an air conditioner leaking Freon, you need to know the signs of this problem. Then, you can immediately call our professionals to tackle the situation safely. So when should you call us for refrigerant leak repair?

Look for the following Freon leak symptoms:

  • When your air conditioner operates, it only blows warm or hot air. No refreshingly cool air comes out of the vents.
  • Your home’s indoor temperature oscillates rather than maintaining a stable, consistent temperature. 
  • You dread your monthly energy bill because of unpredictable, rising costs. 
  • You hear strange sounds when your AC unit operates. 
  • You notice condensation or frost on the evaporator coils regularly.
  • Puddles regularly form around the unit from dripping condensation.

Even just one symptom can indicate that your AC unit requires reliable repair services. Although you may not notice at first, malfunctioning air conditioners can affect your family’s health in several ways.

Why Refrigerant Leaks Require Professional Service

When you become aware of a leak, you should power down your AC unit and schedule leak repairs. However, doing so doesn’t necessarily mean you and your family are safe from this substance.

Does Freon leak when the AC is off? Yes, it can, depending on the leak’s source and the extent of the damage. When exposed to refrigerant for long periods, people may experience symptoms such as:

  • Inflamed or irritable eyes and ears
  • Respiratory problems, including coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach sickness

If you or other occupants in your home notice any of these symptoms, you should contact a medical professional immediately.

You should also call Diamond Y Heating and Cooling at 580-308-2002 to resolve the problem professionally. 

AC Maintenance & Repair Services

How can you prevent dangerous refrigerant leaks from happening? Schedule our annual maintenance services to troubleshoot and solve any AC problems. You should also seek prompt repair service anytime your AC shows signs of disrepair.

Even when a refrigerant leak isn’t present, malfunctioning air conditioners can cause them later on. Some other common reasons behind leaks include:

  • Impact from debris like rocks, limbs, or other heavy items. 
  • Severe storms and intense winds.
  • Unprofessional or incorrect installation practices.
  • Outdated, damaged, or faulty AC parts. 

If your unit stops working correctly after any of these circumstances, schedule our professional technicians to visit your home and check on your air conditioner. 

Depend on Diamond Y Heating and Cooling in Elgin, OK

By choosing Diamond Y Heating and Cooling, you put the safety and comfort of your family first. We provide comprehensive HVAC services to Elgin, OK, and surrounding areas. Some related services we provide include:

  • Our Diamond Quality Service Plan, which helps you avoid unpleasant surprises and emergencies 
  • Dependable AC repairs that solve your air conditioning woes with experienced technicians and quality parts
  • System installation you can count on to replace your aging, failing unit

You can also enjoy personalized service from a family-owned company dedicated to the local community’s comfort. When your AC system springs a leak, you can depend on our outstanding refrigerant leak repair services.

Call us at 580-308-2002 to schedule an appointment today.

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